THESIGN tells the story of passion, creativity, craftsmanship and resourcefulness of a young Italian designer, Chiara Pierangeli, student of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.
Starting from the belief that a jewel can be considered as such for what it represents and not only for the precious material of which it is made, Chiara developed the idea of creating a unique jewel tied to the main vehicle of our emotions: the voice.
This is how THESIGN is born, fully customizable jewels modelled on your own vocal spectrum.
Thanks to Chiara's resourcefulness and to friends and practitioners participation, THESIGN transformed itself from a thesis project to a company with an international scope.
This is what makes THESIGN an idea with a great coefficient of uniqueness and a real “jewel” of all-female made in Italy micro-entrepreneurship.


In Create your jewel section, choose between bracelet or necklace and record your voice to see a 3D preview of your jewel.
Once the result completely satisfied you, choose the material and the accessories: your jewel will arrive to your home in 3 weeks.


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