Starting from the unique vocal spectrum, our jewels are created individually following a precise craftsmanship process.

  • Modelling and printing: the process begins with vocal wave 3D modelling, by using graphic design programs.
    Then a wax model, which is a perfect reproduction of the final pendant, is realized through the use of a 3D printer.
  • Lost wax casting: the realization process continues in the foundry where the real jewel is created through lost wax casting method.
    The wax model, once covered with chalk to create a mould, is putted into a 200 °C oven to let the wax out.
    Hence the empty mould is filled with the cast metal chosen to make the jewel (bronze, silver or gold): once solidified, the chalk mould is broken and the pendant is released.
  • Finishing: the jewel is polished and completed with the chain chosen by the customer.